About Us

The Journey School offers a family environment where students and their parental figures feel valued and welcomed. We understand how important it is for parents to feel involved in their child’s education. As such, we remain in constant communication with our student’s families to provide updates on their coursework, the school, and upcoming events. We also host a monthly family event to bring our community closer together. 

We are especially proud of our excellent reading program, Success For All,  which is built to teach the whole child and address all of the child's needs while learning to read. Our reading classes are specific to your child's reading level giving them targeted instruction at their own pace. 

Our teachers and staff strive to provide inclusive classrooms with many opportunities for students to interact with their peers and work collaboratively while being exposed to academic conversations throughout the day in all subjects. We teach 10 Core Values that ensure our students are prepared for academic success and become lifelong learners. These core values include responsibility, social justice, perseverance, commitment, scholarship, citizenship, leadership, integrity, respect, and dignity. 

When the school day is over, our students and families can take advantage of our various after-school programs that are available from dismissal until 6 pm. Our After School Program Coordinator is dedicated to bringing an enriching program to our students. They do arts and crafts, have social-emotional learning opportunities, receive help with homework, enjoy structured reading time, and much more!

Parents can rest assured that their child is safe while on school property. We have multiple adults supervising at all times including assisting students as they cross in the mornings, and supervising while at lunch and recess. We make it a priority to stay in constant communication with parents should a situation arise and have a first aid team onsite. When it comes to discipline, we take a restorative approach and focus on teaching students to learn from their mistakes and correct their wrongs. 

At The Journey School, we want more. More for our students. More for our families. More for our community. We hope you will join us and become Journey School Warriors!