Core Values

These core values will assist in the development of students who become self-motivated, competent, life-long learners and who will enrich the communities in which they live.
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Responsibility Social Justice
We are accountable for our behavior and strive to make decisions based on good judgment and sound thinking. We participate fully in creating a more just society; if we are not part of the solution, we are part of the problem.
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Perseverance Commitment
We don’t give up when things seem difficult; we work harder, always do our best, and learn from our mistakes. We pledge to invest in our futures by being reflective and disciplined learners.
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Scholarship Citizenship
We will invest in our futures by continually striving for academic excellence. We do our part for the common good by using our talents to make positive contributions to our communities.
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Leadership Integrity
We adopt a “can do” attitude, grasp opportunities and challenges, and work with others to bring ideas to life. We live up to the highest ethical standards by always trying to do what is right even when it is costly or difficult.
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Respect Dignity
We are considerate of others, treating them with civility and courtesy. We accept personal differences and resolve conflicts with compassion. We honor our Vision through poise and self-respect.